Free Beaverton Animal art class on Zoom for Beaverton kids – Beginners Class

I had the wonderful opportunity to teach Beaverton kids about the wonderful environment that they live in, by educating them about local wild life, their natural habitats, a little bit about animal conservation and how to draw them cartoon style. The zoom class was a fun and educational experience. This class was special to me as I was able to combine my special interest in animal conservation with art. Children are the future, and its a delight to be able to inspire them to take an interest in the wildlife that surrounds us.

Here is the art class should you wish to participate in an online tutorial:

Here are some photos from the zoom class.

The students and families really enjoyed the class and look forward to more.

Many thanks to the City of Beaverton Art Council for commissioning this Special Beaverton class for the betterment of community, art culture, sustainability, and child welfare.

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